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  • Rating: 6.7 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Sep

    Use your Clarksville City Saver coupons here to receive three offers for 1 free large pizza when a second large pizza is also purchased.. (Carry out only)

    Fiery Hawaiian pizza is the best!!!

    Chicken parm sandwich is amazing :-)

    Great Sandwiches

  • Rating: 7.3 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Sep

    My flat iron was cooked perfect! So much flavor, do delicious. Side of mash potatoes I highly recommend and the rolls melt in your mouth. Mmm

    Skip the Bistro Steak Filets. The steak itself is good, but there's way too much fried-ness (yeah, I made up a word) that gets in the way of the steak taste.

    Try the seafood bisque. Perfect amount of spice.

    Drinks in the bar at happy hour

    Have the Cajun shrimp and grits!

    The chicken salad is scrumptious with cranberries and grapes!

    Fried cheesecake with caramel..... Yum!

    Don't miss their desserts!

  • Rating: 6.4 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Sep

    appeared to have fixed my gps for more accurate foursquaring

  • Rating: 7.0 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Sep

    The Mexican Roll is my favorite, but I've never had anything I didn't like here. If you're not into sushi, the chicken and salmon teriaki and soba noodles are delicious!

    The udon is great. I like the fact that they are so cheap that they reuse the sushi order forms!!

    Great spot - perfect miso soup - service is always on point...

    Love love love the Volcano roll

    This is my new favorite sushi in Nashville. And the Sunshine is really the best.

    Combo plate for lunch is great deal.

    Volcano, God's Kitchen and Hawaiian, great combo!

    Try the Rainbow roll!

    Can never decide between Rocky Mountain or Volcano roll.

    the miso is delish..

    Don't eat here!!! You can't get your food how you want it!!! I'd be a fool to order my food how I don't want it

    Wifi password is sushiyobi1526

    Love the Giant Dragon

    This place was not a good choice for lunch. The sushi was room temp and i left feeling horrible, not full.

    Tuna tartar was maybe the worst I've ever had. Rolls are just ok, nothing special.

    Sunshine is awesome

    The Mexican Roll is tasty!!

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