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  • Rating: 6.2 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Aug

    Cool place to wander into, especially if you like tea. Huge selection and helpful service. Chess board waiting to be used.

    Located in the 2 North Shore Shopping district right behind Trek Store Chattanooga and across the parking lot from Rock/Creek, this eclectic shop is a gem for coffee and tea lovers. Read more

    Stop in for a pour-over or french press coffee using local roaster Blue Smoke.

    This place jas a great atmosphere, and their green tea is killer.

    No longer in business.

  • Rating: 8.1 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Aug

    great coffee + great people! one of my favorite neighborhood coffee shops... modern, lots of room, art, wi-fi. good place to have a meeting or hang out with a friend. kids area in back is nice touch.

    Good to see them experimenting with pour over brewing, but the coffee has an overly sour aftertaste (probably due to the beans used?). A good place to sit and work but a way to go on the coffee itself

    Great place for meetings or working solo. Nice atmosphere, awesome staff, good drinks and most importantly, the music isn't too loud.

    Super friendly staff, great place to meet for a conversation. Try an iced Hoodie!

    A really cool location and nicely decorated with comfy chairs. I'm still waiting to be impressed by the coffee though. Worth checking out.

    The hoddie latte is my fav. The argyle sweater breakfast bagel is great too. My favorite coffee shop in nashville.

    The yogurt parfait is off the charts! The secret is in the granola. Do yourself a solid and just get it. Thank me later.

    Wi-Fi password is “november”. Leads me to believe it changes monthly (I’m writing this in November). If so, for future reference, it’s posted on the front of the espresso machine.

    Bonny doon on an everything bagel. I love that their lattes aren’t too sweet!

    Get a cup of the "Evening in Missoula" tea, hot or iced. With anise and cherry flavors, it's pleasantly reminiscent of Dr. Pepper.

    They have a play area for kids with loads of toys. My 3 year old loved it, and I got a little peace to drink my coffee.

    They have really comfortable seats! I always think of Danielle Kimmey when I say "Comfortable." LoL *inside joke*

    The wi-fi here gets really spotty, especially at peak hours. Bring something else to do, just in case.

    Love the location, the friendly faces and the coffee! This place is one of the places that inspired my wife and I to move to E. Nashville!

    We were not a cremosa fan :-( got the orange and blackberry and thought they lacked flavor. However the yogurt parfait made up for it...yum!

    Best office space in Nashville! Love Jarod & Courtney and the warm & fuzzy space they created for us "work from homers". Love the coffee, roasted from our very own Drew's Brew & good food too. From th Read more

    Open, comfy and allot of seating. Free wifi!

    The steel cut oats is the best quick breakfast in Nashville.

    Definitely get the chestnut latte; it's the best!

    The cortado is amazing. Even when it’s 90* outside

    Ask for a "Joan" nonfat iced vanilla latte. - Less milk more bean yummy!

    Great quiet place to study or get some work done.

    The Tennessee Fog is the bomb dot com. It's like drinking a honeysuckle...yum!

    Lavender latte is delicious! Very subtle hint of lavender.

    The barista was not lying when he promised me the best iced coffee in Nashville ... Yum.

    You can't go wrong with any of their espressos.

    Awesome coffee and vegan, gluten free treats

    Good strong lattes and good breakfast options.

    Thank You so much for supporting this local retailer.

    "In da Hood" latte is killer, as are all the drinks I've tried. Great neighborhood coffeshop and hang out spot.

    Nicest staff in the coffee industry in all of Nashville. That's my vote!

    True to its name, the mugs are indeed ugly.

    Friendly staff and great way to start your morning.

    Blended A-Team! The perfect summer drink.

    Lavender Latte is amazing!

    The local granola and fruit bowl is muy delicioso.

    My new favorite place to hang out. Free shows every Saturday starting at 6pm.

    Ask for the "Joan VanReece" iced latte .. Less milk..more ice

    If you're a "traditional" chai drinker, steer clear of theirs -- they attempt to make their own and it's watered down to say the least. Save your money and opt for something else.

    The iced vanilla latte is the jam!

    If you haven't tried the blackberry Italian soda... you should. Really.

    Friendly staff, nice atmosphere. The the fuzzy slippers

    Get the buy 10 get one card and file it in the black book case for bet time.

    Great coffee, friendly folks!

    Hot chocolate

    Rad awesome people and the strawberry cupcakes are *to die for*!!

    The East Nashville place you wanna be!

    The bagels are amazing and local!

    Brown sugar honey latte. Enough said.

    A nice space with good seating, but prices are a little high and service is rather poor and rude.

  • Rating: 7.4 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Aug

    Best doughnuts I've had in town so far!!! And their breakfast sandwiches are some of the best I've ever had!!!

    Best doughnuts in Clarksville!

    breakfast croissants are fantastic!

  • Rating: 8.0 ☆☆☆☆☆
    2020 - Aug

    Very good food and maybe the best burger in Memphis. This has been a Memphis staple for a long time and is well worth the visit.

    The two bartenders, Jeff and Jeff, are great. And server Debbie will take amazing care of you. Everyone else is great too.

    Chicken livers appetizers or dinner very fresh and excellent and twice baked potatoes.

    Usually we have great service. But tonight we had Katie and had to ask another waitress to get our drinks and food cause Katie forgot. And the place isn't even busy!

    You have to try the plate lunches. They are outstanding.

    Parking is limited...but nice service and food is pretty good. Bathrooms clean but kind of itty bitty

    Used to have amazing food. Portions are way smaller now. Food was taken away from us and we weren't even done eating!

    Burger has great flavor. The BBQ shrimp skewers are good too

    Try the grilled chicken salad -- amazing! I've never had anything like it, for variety of vegetables.

    Great place -service, food and bar. The burger is a must have.

    There is only one political sign that I can see and it is half covered up. But if you are worried about political affiliation over food then you have other issues. Great food

    Steak sandwich with onion rings. Yum.

    Okay food if you can manage to ignore the moronic political signs on the wall

    Delicious ribs!!!!!!!

    Great Food and Awesome Service!!!

    Great burger!

    Best fried ravioli!!!

    Great chicken strips!

    Great chicken livers!

    Better burger than Hueys.

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