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Burger Joint: Dyer's Burgers, TN

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205 Beale St Midtown Memphis TN 38103 United States
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Telephone: (901) 527-3937




Burger Joint

Working times

  • 6:00 PM–11:00 PM

Rating: 8.3

Justification: The burgers at Dyer's Burgers is a can't miss

Currency: $$$$

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Reviews about Dyer's Burgers

Of course the burgers are great. I totally recommend the deep fried peanut butter sandwich and ice cream. But watch out for the early morning wake up.

The burgers are cooked in 100-year-old grease (don't worry; its filtered nightly. DELICIOUS. Be sure to save room for the deep fried Twinkie!

I've had burgers from coast to coast but these are by far the best I have ever eaten!!

Good burger (even though it came with pickles and I asked for it not too). Wack fries. Went on a Saturday night and it was pretty loud but service was quick.

My son loves the split dog burger! Basically a hot dog split longways and served on a hamburger bun. Good wings as well.

If you like burgers and are in Memphis this a must! Burgers are superb and finish it off with a deep fried Twinkie.

Double double, tons of fries, simple awesome taste and service !

Perfect late night meal after a night on Beale. The burgers are actually fantastic!

Double Double is good. But can I get some lettuce and tomatoes. Fries weren't my favorite

Get the double cheeseburger and deep fried Twinkie!

Good place for a milkshake. Also try the deep fried Twinkie!!!!

A Memphis must. Onion rings are fantastic!

Total grease bomb, but sometimes you need that. Only reason we set foot on Beale St while in town. Get ready to deal with some obnoxious drunks, but then again you should be drunk too if eating here.

Try the Bologna Sandwich - More soon.. (via @Foodspotting)

Dyer's Burgers in Memphis serves burgers fried in 98 year old cooking grease. Yummy!

I heartily recommend the double with cheese and a malted milkshake. One of the tastiest burgers in Memphis.

Burgers, fries, shakes, everything is good here!

Went in for a milkshake and rb float. Waiter says $10. He pockets the change. Thought if getting police involved but it was only a buck or 2. So much for their tip. What a disappointment!

The best burger I ever ate. And I ate a lot :)

World famous isnt a lie. One of the best burgers i have ever ate!

The burgers are total gut bombs. Delicious, delicious gut bombs cooked in 100 year old crease.

get the chili cheese fries after a night out on beale.

Killer burgers. Worth the wait.


Beware! Hands down the most digusting thing I have ever eaten! Grease bomb doesn't cover it. Burger dripping (literally) with grease. Couldn't taste anything but grease. Still sick to my stomach!

A must next time your in Memphis!

Fried Twinkies! So yummy! And the double double with fries is delicious!

Greasy goodness and unlimited napkins.

Quite possibly THE greatest onion rings ever devised by man!!!!

The double double will make you happy!

Burgers weren’t that good. The chili was pretty bad too

The onion rings were great!

Not bad overall. Chili cheese fries are not only good but more than plenty-enjoy

Got a single and it was more than enough to fill me. The chocolate shake was divine!

best burgers I have ever had. and I travel A LOT!

Some of the most famous burgers around. Try the double double.

Check out Dyer's as seen on Burger Land , Crave Read more

Best burgers in Memphis

Burger was great!

Best burger in Memphis.

Deep Fried Cheeseburgers! Need I say more?!

Best burger I've ever had.

Double Double and a RootBeer Float! Paradise!!!

Fantastic as usual

Best I ever had.

73 -27 percent beef 3 oz

Such sweet staff! Not many options for vegetarians, though.


Best burgers in the city!!!!!

At 2 am there's nothing better than their chili cheese fries:)

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