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Pizza Place: Memphis Pizza Cafe, TN

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7604 W Farmington Blvd Germantown TN 38138 United States
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Telephone: (901) 753-2218




Pizza Place

Working times

  • 11:00 AM–3:00 PM
  • 5:00 PM–9:00 PM

Rating: 7.6

Justification: Ranked #6 for pizza places in Germantown

Currency: $$$$

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Reviews about Memphis Pizza Cafe

Super nice pizza, i can taste the goodness on every bite. Love this place.

Try all the sandwiches, half or full. A good lunch for a great low price!!!

Their ultimate cheese and barbecue chicken pizzas are my favorite!

Best Greek Salad I've ever had. Ultimate cheese is one of my all time favorites.

There's a great painting of Big Star on the back wall. It goes nicely with a slice of cajun chicken supreme.

Great service and great food! This place never disappoints.

Try the Barbecue pizza...out of this world!

Chicken supreme was very good

Two words: spinach calzone

Ghost river and the garlic chicken! Can't beat it!

try the BBQ chicken pizza. but be firm about what you want when you order or they might give you the Cajun chicken.

Greek salads are yummie

Don't come here if you have a big group. They don't take reservations and basically don need or want your business.

Suggest they upgrade their TV, can you say tiny!

Best pizza and salads in town!

Alternative pizza (no tomato sauce) is great.

Try the Ghost River Golden with a crispy Hey Meat with Japs

Ghost River Golden and a BBQ pizza extra crispy. Wow nothing better.

They play the best music!!!

No complaints about staff or food, but the acoustics are horrible. Very loud, bring ear plugs.

Garlic chicken and ghost river golden

Look for my husband's (Lamar Sorrento) art on the walls....Cool stuff!

Try the calzones. They are awesome

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